🦾 Flama Dev Challenge: 10.000$ in prizes! Solidity + Web3

Flama Team
2 min readDec 30, 2020


Build dapps and frontend for the flamanet.io ecosystem and get rewards!

🎁 Prizes

Everyone who enters the Flama Dev Challenge is eligible for the following prizes:

🏆 1st place — $3,000 in $FMA + $2,000 in $FLAP

🥈 2nd place — $2,000 in $FMA + $1,000 in $FLAP

🥉 3rd place $1,000 in $FMA tokens

4–5th place $300 in $FLAP tokens each

6–10th place — $100 in $FLAP tokens each

⚡️ Get started

This challenge focuses on community-built dapps that will increase FSS staking dividends by increasing FMA transfers or increasing FLAP fees through dapp use.

Flapp dapps require a FLAP fee that is sent to the FSS contract to reward stakers. You should include this fee in your solidity code to be eligible for the prize. Example: Build a lending dapp that charges a small fee in FLAP and sends it to the FSS address

You can also build on FMA and focus on making it burn and accumulate staking rewards faster.

Possibilities are endless, think out of the box to get to the 1st place! If you don’t know where to start, we recommend you to pick a DeFi topic.

✅ How to submit your entries:

Entries to be made only through Github. Send a pull request to https://github.com/FlamaToken/ including a “submitter.txt” file with your address to receive the payment if you are selected.

Submissions close on March 13, 2021, at 12pm UTC time.

Flama team will look into all the submissions and pick the winners based on:

- smartcontract code quality (including no security flaws and readable code)

- easy to use frontend and nice UI-UX

- overall added economic value for Flama holders

Chosen dapps will be integrated into flamanet.io website. You can use our already deployed code to build upon, you can find it on https://github.com/flamatoken.

Read our whitepaper to familiarize yourself with Flama. Also, join us on Twitter and Telegram.

If you have any questions, please contact https://t.me/Marc_Rod









Flama Team

Flama is The first deflationary token on the market, ready to build decentralized #DEFI & #Utility dapps with enhanced features like staking.