How to buy FMA/FLAP

How to buy FMA

  • An Uniswap tab will be opened, click on I understand, and continue.
  • Now make sure Metamask is connected to Uniswap with some ETH.
(Make sure you have ETH in your wallet before starting.)
  • If you are not connected. Click on connect wallet and select the direction you will, connect, and click “Next”.
  • Now your Metamask wallet is connected to Uniswap.
  • Now, enter the ETH amount you want to swap to FMA. Then, delete the decimals of the FMA amount and click on SWAP.
Note: For FMA set a 3% slippage tolerance
  • Confirm swap, and now edit gas fee (put high gas fee), wait for confirmation to receive FMA. Now you can STAKE your FMA and earn passive income.
  • To see your balance in Metamask wallet: click on add token and copy the contract address of FMA (0x0f8794f66C7170c4f9163a8498371A747114f6C4).

How to buy FLAP

  • Open your Metamask and will choose the Binance Smart Chain. If you have never connected here, check this post.
  • Now, open to buy the FLAP BEP20 token with BNB BEP20 (FLAP/BNB). Click on “SWAP”, accept on Metamask and set gas fee to 90 Gwei and confirm.
Fees will be paid with the BNB token (BEP20)
  • Finally, add the FLAP contract to see the balance in your wallet (0x5c6a58d670483e1211b131f0a6501849c77a77d5)
  • FLAP liquidity is now available on your Metamask wallet:

And remember…



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