How to use (ETH🔁BSC) FLAP Bridge?

Why two blockchains?

How to proceed with the swap?

  • Open and allow Metamask to connect to Ethereum MainNet). Select the amount of FLAP (ERC20) you want to move to BSC (BEP20). Click on transfer. Confirm on Metamask.
  • Confirm and add a token contract to see your FLAP balance on Binance Smart Chain (0x5C6A58D670483e1211B131F0A6501849c77A77d5).
  • Now you can trade on Swapliquidity following the same steps of buying on Uniswap (connecting first on Binance Network) but with the benefits of the Binance Smart Chain (lower fees transactions using BNB instead of ETH).

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Flama Team

Flama Team

Flama is The first deflationary token on the market, ready to build decentralized #DEFI & #Utility dapps with enhanced features like staking.