How to use (ETH🔁BSC) FLAP Bridge?

The concept “bridge” represents the connection mechanism that allows the transfer of tokens between different blockchains.

Why two blockchains?

To get the best of both BC with Flapp: Ethereum Mainnet (ERC20) and Binance Smart Chain (BEP20).

On the one hand, we have the Ethereum Mainnet, the blockchain where we first deployed FLAP, and on the other hand, the innovative Binance Smart Chain that brings cheaper fees (x250) and instant transaction verification.

Two blockchains will bring us a greater volume of trade, that is, more tokens burned benefiting the stakeholders, that is why other of our jobs will be to soon include Flama in the Binance Smart Chain.

How to proceed with the swap?

Check first how to connect Metamask to BSC Mainnet.

Note: To bridge from Ethereum Mainnet, you need some ETH to pay for transaction fees. If you are going to bridge from BSC to ETH MainNet, you will need some BNB.

  • Open and allow Metamask to connect to Ethereum MainNet). Select the amount of FLAP (ERC20) you want to move to BSC (BEP20). Click on transfer. Confirm on Metamask.
  • Confirm and add a token contract to see your FLAP balance on Binance Smart Chain (0x5C6A58D670483e1211B131F0A6501849c77A77d5).
  • Now you can trade on Swapliquidity following the same steps of buying on Uniswap (connecting first on Binance Network) but with the benefits of the Binance Smart Chain (lower fees transactions using BNB instead of ETH).

Next on the Flama Ecosystem

In addition to the first update of our whitepaper in Flama, and the entry of FLAP to the BSC, we are preparing our inverse lending platform release. This platform, never seen before, will be the entrance of Flama on the DeFi market.

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